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“Working with Lynda has sourced me in so many ways. Above and beyond her amazing readings, I have enlisted her services as an “energetic midwife” to help me in vibrational up-levels that produced real results for me. Her Listening is pristine, and she brought through so much confirmation, acknowledgement and clarity for me."      ~ Ana Maria Vasquez , Colorado

I have worked with Lynda for several years and I can honestly say that the work we have done has immensely changed  my life.  I have followed her guidance and experienced most of all her offerings, which has accelerated my emotional healing and spiritual growth.  Lynda helped me optimize my name,  as well as with naming  my propperty. I truly believe  this has been instrumental in the magic I am experiencing!  I highly recommend Lynda if you are ready to experience your "Heaven on Earth".

~ Crystal Mykaila Wolfe, Texas

I originally hired Lynda to help me decorate and furnish my newly remodeled home. Her ability to understand me and my tastes led to me working with her on my personal blocks. Today I feel more empowered to speak my truth and let go of that which no longer serves me. I am inspired and excited about the new life that I am creating. Thank you for your support!  ~Marsha Trelstad, Colorado

My energy levels have skyrocketed with the Lightbody sessions!

~ Erin Massey, United Kingdom

Absolutely life changing! The work has really helped me in ways that no one else has.  It allows me to work through “issues” that I did not know how to navigate through.  Lynda has the ability and gift to help you where you are at, get where you want to go with very fast results.   She understands the dynamics of the Soul Contract and can help you maximize the life you want to manifest.  I’ve never experienced anything like it!

~ Lori Wilson, Pennsylvania

I have been introduced to a whole system of spiritual growth that can support me throughout my lifetime. There is no end to the joy and delight of this journey, which is new every day. I am so grateful for Lynda's gifts and healing artistry. If you have the opportunity to work with Lynda, don't hesitate - do it!

~ A.R, Virginia

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