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Radiant Light Sessions

Soul Contract Readings

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Professional Soul Contract Readings are live real-time readings prepared specifically for you. A Birth Chart reading helps you to better understand the choices that you have made for this incarnation. This is a unique profiling system, based on Hebrew Numerology, that reveals karmic patterns, challenges, talents and recommendations for releasing, resolving, and utilizing  these in your lifeA Soul Contract chart is generated based on the sounds of Ancient Hebrew contained within your as-spelled  birth certificate name. It describes and identifies blocks, fears, challenges and old frequencies that can be contributing to emotional imbalances and even physical dis-ease.  Highlighted are the frequencies of your innate gifts. You will receive greater understanding for next steps and for accessing your Soul's potential. 


A Soul Contract Chart decodes your unique Spiritual Map of Life so you can align with, and manifest, your Soul Destiny or Life Purpose.  This spiritual map is your soul signature for this lifetime!  It is an accurate, in depth, and channeled ancient system of spiritual interpretation that decodes the blueprint of your life hidden within your as-spelled birth name.  The system uses the  sound vibrations from the 22 letters of the ancient Hebrew alphabet.

Your Sour Contract chart illuminates your physical and spiritual:

  • Karmic patterns

  • Talents your were given to move beyond challenges and use for creativity

  • Goals you are here to achieve

  • It helps to dentify your Soul Destiny / Purpose

  • Provides specific recommendations on how work through and with these different aspects depending on where you are within the chart.


You can generate a free Soul Contract chart and decode yourself  using Nicolas, David Ngan's

Your Soul Contract Decoded book OR order an automated written  Soul Contract Report from this site.

Once you have clarity about your own chart you will realize you can use this information to change your life, choose and improve relationships, or create a more successful business. People almost always realize that what was chosen for this incarnation must have looked a lot different on the other side of the veil!!!

Soul Contract gives you the awareness and guidance to make a difference! Read more about name optimization, relationship readings and business sessions below.


Birth Chart Reading

The sound of your name creates your life in each moment.  A Soul Contract Birth Reading is a powerful transmission that is both incredibly healing and empowering. Knowing why your Soul chose to take this path in this life allows for greater levels of understanding, compassion and love for yourself and others. A reading will help you reconnect with your mission and rise into empowered action. This reading also does a brief overlay view of up to 6 people in your life.

Sessions include an hour of preparation and 90 minutes live on Zoom.

Cost is $225USD


Relationship Readings

In a Relationship Reading we look at both birth charts as well as the overlay effects of each individual on the other. These are incredibly insightful for understanding the energetic dynamics and purpose that have brought you together, as well as  the potential areas of discord, and how to work with them in a non-defensive and empowered  way. Relationship  Readings also look at the energetics between the chakras.  Relationship Readings can also be done on a specific group, family, or relationships that have occurred over time.  Sessions include an hour of preparation and up to 2 hours on Zoom.

Cost is $275


Name Optimization

Have you ever felt like your name just wasn't a good fit for you? Perhaps a name has been calling you for years or you have just struggled through life with obstacle after obstacle. You may have realized from a Soul Contract Reading that you would like to change the intensity of your life. These are reasons to consider a Name Optimization. Our worldly situation looks different on the other side of the veil when we agree to the contract. A name optimization can assist with achieving your goals and purpose more quickly by calling forth additional (overlay) frequencies to assist.  If you are bringing a new soul into being a Baby Name Optimization session is ideal and will create a more conscious family environment.

Cost is per hour


Business Optimization

Your business is an extension of you. Aligning your business or work with your Soul’s Purpose only increases the chances of success and abundance.

Thinking of starting a new job?
We can see if the company is aligned with your personal goals and purpose.

Thinking of starting a new business or project? We can optimize the business or project name, website address, location and even email address to ensure they align with your highest good and carry the energy that is needed to achieve your desired goals.

Cost is per hour

CLICK HERE to schedule a session or for more information.
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