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Nothing can dim the light

that shines from within.

~ Maya Angelou

Radiant Light Healing


Look for those that take healing to a new interdimensional level. Look for those that “tune in” to a new paradigm of human calibration.  ~ Kryon


A Radiant Light Reading is recommended for an initial session. This present time energetic assessment of your auric field and chakras, with guidance from your Soul Contract* chart,  identifies blocks, fears, challenges and old frequencies that can be contributing to emotional imbalances and physical dis-ease.  Highlighted are the frequencies of your innate gifts. You will receive greater understanding for next steps and for accessing your Soul's potential. 


Relationship  Readings are incredibly insightful for understanding the energetic dynamics and purpose that have brought you together, the opportunity that the relationship presents,  the potential areas of discord and how to work with them in a non-defensive and empowered way.


*Your Soul Contract chart helps you to better understand the choices that you made for this incarnation, a unique profiling system revealing karmic patterns, challenges, along with the talents and recommendations for releasing and resolving these.  Soul Contract Readings can also be scheduled for Soul Group information (typically family and relationship issues), as well as for frequency selection of personal and business  names.

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Healing  opens the pathways to your creativity and self-expression,

attracts higher vibrational experiences, balances the subtle bodies, eliminates health complaints, and provides a greater sense peace and contentment.

Radiant Light Healings are customized sessions based on your unique energetic configurations and intentions.  This multidimensional approach has the ability to free trapped awareness, old programs, vows and agreements thus balancing the subtle bodies. Fragmented aspects of the self are highlighted, awakened, and integrated.  This approach is designed to bypass the ego mind and access, not only the subconscious and unconscious, but multidimensional levels and layers that hold stored outdated beliefs.  Sessions are an "energetic detox" opening your system to receiving and embody higher frequencies.

Advanced Radiant Light

This series of sessions is designed to release separation programming for the receiving of more Light. These are designed to assist and quicken consciousness awakening and embodiment.  Clients, upon completing these sessions, realize potential and  greater purpose beyond previous belief.

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 Manifestation Coaching

Are you ready to give form to the clearest expression of your Soul's purpose?  Consider a 3 or 6 month Radiant Light coaching package. You will be supported and guided from vision to form.  You will identify and clear blocks, resistance, subconscious fears, and the need for old stories that keep you from actualizing your heart's calling. We will incorporate your Soul Contract chart to restructure and align  frequencies for attraction on both a personal and/or business level.   Fill out the CONTACT form for a complimentary consultation. 

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