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Radiant Light Sessions

Divine Healing . Lightbody Integration

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Look for those that take healing to a new interdimensional level. Look for those that “tune in” to a new paradigm of human calibration.  ~ Kryon

Radiant Light Healing sessions assist in opening the pathways to your creativity and self-expression,  higher vibrational experiences,  relief from health symptoms and complaints,  enhanced inner  peace and contentment and more

Divine Healing Sessions: Sessions are customized based on your unique present time energetic configurations and intentions.  This multidimensional approach has the ability to free trapped awareness, old programs, vows and agreements thus balancing the subtle bodies. Fragmented aspects of the self are highlighted, awakened, and integrated.  This approach is designed to bypass the ego mind and access, not only the subconscious and unconscious, but multidimensional levels and layers that hold stored outdated beliefs.  Sessions are an "energetic detox" opening your system to receiving, rejuvenating and embodying higher frequencies.

Lightbody Ingtegration Sessions

This series of 6 sessions is designed to release separation programming for the receiving of more Light. These are designed to assist and quicken consciousness awakening and embodiment.  Clients, upon completing these sessions, realize potential and  greater purpose beyond previous belief.

When I signed up for the Lightbody sessions with Lynda, I had accumulated a lot of spiritual "knowledge," but I still felt blocked in my ability to live freely. My intention was to clear out anything that was holding me back from doing what was mine to do. I had no idea how many layers there were! Lynda gently and expertly held space and removed unnecessary blocks I never knew existed, weaving in supplemental healing sessions and tools as needed. Now that I have completed the Lightbody sessions, I feel much more grounded in myself and can sense and follow my intuition so much more easily. ~ Amanda R., Virginia

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