About Lynda &

Radiant Light Studio 

  Every human is an artist, and our greatest art is life.        ~Don Miguel Ruiz

About Radiant Light Studio

RADIANT ~ When you shine with confidence, happiness and love.

LIGHT      Your innate creative essence connected and aligned with Source.

STUDIO   Your personal space to explore, embody and express your visions.

Radiant Light Studio is a creative healing space offering a safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment for connecting to your  CREATIVE self.

Located in the beauty and quiet of the Sonoran Desert, onsite and online readings, healing sessions,  classes,   personal mentoring and space consultations are available..


Our definition of HEALING:  the path to wholeness.  Reconnecting to and empowering your Creative Self

so you can joyfully be an influence for others.


About Lynda

 As a multidimensional healer, intuitive reader, psychotherapist, artist/designer and soul friend, I am excited to share my proven and effective approach to healing and manifesting with you!


I am a life-long student, and lover of spirituality, metaphysics, healing and aesthetic arts. I believe that we hold everything within us to create and live the life we deserve. We have incarnated into a very dense and programmed space, often resulting in trauma and abuse that have perhaps formed a thick wall of protection, a strong ego-mind, and often a less than satisfying life. But here is the good news ~ with intention you can heal quickly, design, and create a higher vibe life.


I have had a dual career. Not thinking I could be a successful artist I transferred my talent to interior design. Later I realized I had fascination for what made people"tick". I could see how their choices were creating their situations but realized that they could not. So, I became a psychotherapist to help. My focus and training was "holistic".  I soon realized that if I was able to guide someone to the core of an emotional issue we would get physical healing. In time I realized that I could read "energy" and see imbalances in both people and their places.


I truly believe in the magical universal principle that our outer world reflects our inner world and that your environment is both a reflection of, and a support to you. This is the driving force behind Radian Light Studio, to offer you guidance, support, tools, techniques and resources so that you can explore, experience,  and express your true self within and without.

Please feel free to ask about my credentials, I have many trainings and certifications, but for now:

BFA Fine Arts, Arizona State University

MA Psychology and Counseling (Transpersonal and Jungian based) Boulder College, CO

Graduate, Teacher-Training, Psychic Horizons, Boulder, CO

Reverend, Church of Inner Light

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience,  and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
~ Harriet Tubman

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With both of us holding your vision and intentions,  you will experience a more authentic relationship with yourself.  It is time to drop old fears and beliefs that have kept you hostage and disconnected you from your CREATIVE self and innate abilities that can manifest your dreams.

To the Radiant Life,