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Radiant Light Sessions

Manifestation Coaching

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How often have you asked yourself "Why?" but received no answer.

Why can I not figure out my purpose,   find love,  heal myself, have the life and or business I want?

You have the opportunity to customize a coaching program that assists and guides you to brigning your vision into form. With Lynda as your mentor you will benefit from her skills and support as a transpersonal psychotherapist, healer, spiritual guide and entrepreneur. You will identify and clear blocks, resistance, subconscious fears, and the need for old stories that keep you from actualizing your heart's calling. We will incorporate your Soul Contract chart to restructure and align  frequencies for attraction on both a personal and/or business level.  Each package includes an initial 3 hour strategy, intention-setting, and pathway to success session  Each month you will receive two 90 minute customized sessions, and unlimited emails.  Fill out the CONTACT form and receive a complimentary consultation  to decide what package is best for you.

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