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Raise Your Vibration ~ Create The Life You Want

Intuitive Readings
Emotional Healing
Energy Alignments
Space Clearing & Design

Radiant light Studio

Your were born with wings,

why prefer to crawl through life?


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Hello and welcome, my name is Lynda Adelle Sloan, and here at  Radiant Light Studio the focus is The Art of Y.O.U. (Your Own Uniqueness). 

Are  you ready to:

Experience the life you have only dreamed of

Empower yourself and realize your potential

Align with the higher frequencies of health, beauty,

harmony and abundance

Confidently express your true self

My offerings are personally designed, intention-based sessions and consultations. I assist you in awakening to, and releasing, that which no longer serves you and actually blocks you from having the quality of life you deserve within and without.

Fill out the Contact form for a complimentary conversation

and see if my approach is a fit for you!

Instead of dreaming about the life you want

Create a life worth dreaming



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