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Hello and welcome, it is time to raise the vibe!!!  Radiant Light Studio ~ currently a virtual, creative and conscious sacred space for you to awaken to the amazing energy being that you are. What part of you is calling for a redesign? What dream wants to be birthed? We are done with karma, old patterns and low vibes.  It is time to clear, release, and align with the natural laws of who you are as a creative and empowered soul.

  Are you ready to:

experience a creative and conscious, soul-filled life

clarify your dreams and actualize your potential

align the greater health and beauty

confidently express your true self

  Hi, I am Lynda Adelle Sloan and over years of study, training and intuitive work I have put together offerings that will guide you in manifesting your intentions and empower you to embody, experience and express the Y.O.U (Your Own Uniqueness) that you are here to be.


My sessions and consultations are personally designed for your intentions and dreams. These can include Soul Contract and Chakra Readings, Intuitive, Integrative and Creative Therapies, Multidimensional Healing, Lightbody Activations, as well as Space Clearing and Design Consultations.

  NOW is the time to create your HEAVEN on EARTH!

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Instead of dreaming about the life you want

Create a life worth dreaming



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