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Radiant light Studio

Redefining Creativity .  Manifesting Dreams

Clear and Release the Old ~

Reclaim Your Creative Self and Manifest New!

You ARE a creative energy being by design, filled with unlimited potential! Yet, you have been influenced and programmed to forget this, to look outside of yourself when all that you need is within. 


CREATIVE is who you are. You have the power within to heal and manifest. Your Creative Self is always at work! The question is, are you conscious of your relationship with it, or is it habitually working off old patterns and beliefs keeping you stuck and unfulfilled?

  Are you ready to live your dreams with greater health,

abundance, and joy?

   Radiant Light Studio is a heart based, inspirational and supportive space for energetic healing and frequency-raising under the professional guidance of Lynda Adelle Sloan.

Here, both online and onsite, you can expect to:

Clear old paradigm density and welcome higher consciousness.

Reclaim your imagery system and dreaming self.

Clarify your intentions and quicken your manifestations.

Align to greater health and beauty.

Confidently express your true self.


 Services are personally  tailored for you and can include intuitive and integrative therapies, multidimensional healing, creative mentoring and consulting, as well as space clearing and design. Here we believe your environment is a key part to your experience and well-being.

Consider Radiant Light Studio your sacred space for exploring, envisioning, and actualizing your dreams within and without!

To claim your free consultation simply fill out the CONTACT form now!

" The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call

to creative work,

who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time."

                                                        ~ Mary Oliver

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